Vip Tables

Level 2 VIP

Our raised VIP area overlooks the dance floor. This is complete with its own bar and a private alcove with two/four tables and three further tables.

Prices start from $800 and accommodate 4/10 pax.


The White Room

This room takes you to where the action is and has fantastic views of the DJ booth and direct access to the ladies only podium. Choose one or four tables where you’ll always be part of the action.

Prices start from $1000 and accommodate upto 10 pax.


The Black Room

These two popular VIP tables allow you to spill right straight onto the dance floor where the action is always hot and heavy!

Prices start from $750 for 8 pax.


Dj Booth

Located adjacent to the Dj booth onto the dance floor, these are the ultimate party tables.

Prices start at $800 for 8 pax .



The Sofa located near the entrance, it open to the main club and the quiet zone with standing tables.

Prices start at $600 for 10 pax.



An exclusive balcony of two tables for upto 20 pax where you can take in the whole club while enjoying total privacy. 

Tables start at $1500 each or $3k for total exclusivity.


Nine standing tables are located around the club, 5 directly on the dance floor (s1-5)  and 4 more  (s6-9) in the quiet zone. Minimum spend starts from $300 or purchase of a premium bottles and allows for waiver of upto 5 pax.

*For reservations please call +65 6333 9973 or click to book